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Let Us Be Your Coupon Clearinghouse – We Eliminate Coupon Fraud and pay retailers the next day for coupons redeemed the day before without changing the existing system

As an independent 3rd party we process the retailer’s coupon transactions, both paper and paperless, to insure accurate, verifiable coupon redemption for both the retailer and manufacturer by verifying the following for each coupon transaction:

  1. That the coupon DataBar was authentic and not a counterfeit.
  2. That the customer fulfilled the purchase requirements of the coupon.
  3. That there were no duplicate coupons redeemed in the purchase event.
  4. That the coupon was shredded to prevent its reuse (one-count option).
  5. That the record of the redeemed coupon and its audit trail was correctly recorded.

The following is an overview of the system

The manufacturers in cooperation with their trading partners provide a positive coupon file of all coupons that the retailer is to redeem by registering their coupons with our Coupon Registry Desk. The retailer is responsible to insure that coupons for the products they sell has been registered by the manufacturer. The file is used by our system to redeem coupons presented by the customer at checkout. Any coupon not in the file is considered as fraudulent and will not be validated for payment.

Our coupon redemption system consists of a Coupon Processing Device (CPD) connected to each of the store’s cash registers and a Coupon Processing Appliance (CPA) connected to the stores internet located in the store office. The CPD and CPA utilizes a secured Wi-Fi to communicate with each other. The CPD contains the positive coupon file and processes the coupons that are submitted to the cash register. Only one like coupon, paper and/or paperless, per purchase event will be honored. Redeemed coupon transactions with their audit trail data is transmitted to the CPA. The CPA contains a scanner and motorized rollers that controls access to its lockbox that is attached to the CPA. The redeemed coupon transactions are held in abeyance by the CPA until the redeemed coupons that was stored in the cash drawer by the cashier are scanned and deposited in the lockbox. This process also is used to reconcile coupons in the cash drawer. As coupons are scanned and deposited into the lockbox our system checks to insure the coupon matches to one that has been redeemed. The redeemed coupons are held in the lockbox until they are removed and shipped to our clearinghouse.

The CPD process verifies that the coupon transactions submitted for payment have been redeemed in accordance with the manufacturer’s redemption requirements as registered by the Coupon Registration Desk. Each coupon transaction processed for payment is identifiable by an audit trail identifying the date, the retailer, the store and the store transaction where the coupon was redeemed.

Coupon transaction records for coupons that have been deposited in the CPA lockbox are transmitted to the Data Center for next day payment. Coupons in the lockbox are packaged and shipped weekly to our clearinghouse by the store manager or his designee. Retailers are responsible for the delivery of the coupon shipment to our clearinghouse.

Our clearinghouse, upon receipt of the shipments from the stores, scans the coupons to tally the count and amount of coupons in each shipment. In the process those coupons issued by manufacturers who elected to save money by not shipping the coupons to their clearinghouse are identified and shredded. The coupons to be shipped to the manufacturer’s clearinghouse are sorted and shipped.

Retailers are e-mailed a daily report of their stores coupon activity that occurred the previous day and the total amount of money that has been transferred by ACH to their bank account.

Manufacturers that have elected to have their coupons shipped to their clearinghouse for payment are invoiced for each shipment to their clearinghouse.

Manufacturers who have elected to save the cost of a second clearinghouse are e-mailed a statement on the 1st and 15th of each month for coupons received and shredded in the previous time period. Payment is to be made within 10 days of the statement date.

Coupon transactions are archived for 12 months and are available for review by authorized persons.

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