Cunningham Coupon System

Announcing…..The First Electronic Coupon Redemption System


We provide a positive coupon file to eliminate coupon fraud to insure coupons presented for redemption are authentic and not counterfeit. To accommodate this safeguard requirement we provide a secure system to register coupons and transmit the positive coupon file to the store’s POS System for coupon redemption.

In each store we install a Coupon Processing Appliance (CPA) that has a lockbox with a built-in scanner and a mechanism for allowing coupons to be deposited in the lockbox. Only coupons that the POS system has previously redeemed and that we have double checked can be deposited in the lockbox.


We obtain local weekly coupon FSI’s and scan the DataBars of their coupons to establish a positive file of coupons for redemption that is loaded in the CPA and POS system. Only coupons in the Coupon Redemption Requirements File that is established from local sources will be verified and redeemed. All other coupons submitted are considered bogus. According to industry sources this covers 90.1% of coupons issued. We invite those manufacturers who use other 9.9% of the distribution sources to distribute their coupons to provide us a certified copy of their coupon and we will enter it into our system for redemption to obtain the benefits of eliminating coupon fraud. The POS System redeems the coupons based on the DataBar on the coupon. The DataBar is first checked to insure that the coupon is authentic by verifying that the DataBar is listed in the POS positive coupon file before verifying that the redemption requirements have been met. Redeemed coupon transactions are held in abeyance until the coupon DataBar is scanned and verified by the CPA that the DataBar is listed in the CPA positive coupon file before it is deposited into the lockbox. Thus a double check is made to insure that coupons in the lockbox are authentic and not counterfeit.

A proof of purchase audit trail is included with each redeemed coupon transaction indicating the date, the retailer, the retailer’s store and the store’s transaction number and then sent to the Data Center. We store the coupon transactions for a period of 12 months and are available for inspection by authorized persons.

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