Cunningham Coupon System

3rd Party Coupon Redemption with Proof of Purchase

State-Of-The-Art Coupon Redemption

8¢/Coupon Redeemed - Total Cost

Both Digital and Paper Coupons

No Shipping of Coupons

We offer an Electronic Coupon Redemption System (ECRS) that eliminates shipping coupons for a total cost of 8¢/coupon redeemed. It pays retailers the next day for coupons redeemed the day before plus a 4¢/coupon handling fee while invoicing manufacturers weekly with net 10 day payment terms.

Electronic Coupon Distribution

At no extra cost we provide a Public Website where manufacturers' display their coupons so that consumers can view, select and store or print coupons for use at participating retailers.

The System

Cunningham Electronic Corporation has harnessed the speed and accuracy of the digital world to develop the fastest, easiest to use, money-saving coupon system ever devised. We have developed and patented a coupon system based on the industry approved GS1 Coupon DataBar™.

System Guideline --- GS1 Coupon DataBar™

The North American Coupon Application Guideline Using GS1 DataBar™ (RSS) Expanded Symbols defines both paper and digital coupons for the purpose of Coupon identification, distribution and redemption. The Application Identifier (AI) for the GS1 DataBar denotes how the coupon is distributed - AI 8110 denotes a paper coupon, AI of 8112 denotes a digital coupon. Other than denoting the distribution form of the coupon the decoding system of both is the same.

Cents Off – Free Item Coupons

The industry recognizes two types of coupons - Cents Off and Free Item coupons. Both types are distributed in paper and digital form and defined by the GS1 DataBar.

Coupon DataBar Authentication

Our coupon registration process provides authentication of the coupon's DataBar to insure that the DataBar accurately defines redemption of the coupon. The registration program requires the manufacturer to scan the DataBar with a handheld scanner to populate the registration screen. The registration program decodes the coupon's DataBar and populates the screen identifying the various elements of the coupon. The operator then views the screen to make sure the populated fields accurately describes the coupon. Assured that the DataBar accurately defines coupon's redemption the operator then releases the coupon to be filed in the Master Coupon Redemption File. The file is purged daily of coupons that expired the previous day.

System Eliminates Coupon Fraud

To safeguard against fraudulent coupon redemption we identify, validate and redeem coupons based on the DataBar of the manufacturer's registered coupon not the DataBar on the coupon that is being presented. Having a positive file of coupons with their redemption requirements is a must in order to insure that bogus coupons do not enter into the coupon validation and redemption process.

Prevents Misuse of Family Codes

In addition to the ability to prevent fraudulent coupons from entering the system there is another possibility that could corrupt the system. Misuse of Family Codes, intentionally or un-intentionally, would alter the intended result of the coupon. To insure this does not happen we convert the Family Code to Item Codes at registration and use only Item codes for redemption by the CPA.

A Transparent System

Another concern is the ability to audit coupon transactions. To provide a transparent system we capture and provide an audit trail for every coupon that is reimbursed. The coupon transactions are archived for 1 year and are available to authorized representatives of both manufacturers and retailers on request.

System Security

System security is a concern of everyone now-days. We have followed the known security rules of the financial world however, there is no guarantee the system is absolutely fool-proof even though it may appear that way. Circumstances are such that we cannot and do not control the manufacturers or retailer employee's activities and therefore cannot control their unknown ways they may invent to fraud the system.

Coupon Redemption

We provide the Coupon Processing Appliance (CPA) for each participating store to validate and process coupons. We download and refresh the Redemption Requirements, obtained at registration, to the CPA daily. The CPA is connected to the store's POS system to exchange data to validate and process both paper and digital coupons. Both paper and digital coupon redemption are processed the same. Paper coupon transactions however are held in abeyance until the paper coupon is shredded by the CPA's built-in scanner and shredder to prevent re-use before releasing to the Data Center for payment. The system will not accept a duplicate coupon.

Coupon Reporting and Payment Clearing

Coupon Transactions are sent to the Data Center where they are sorted, processed and reported on a daily basis. Reports are summarized for each Manufacturer by coupon and for each Retailer by store number. Based on the daily reports for coupons redeemed the day before, the amount due to each retailer is paid directly to their bank account each day. Manufacturers are invoiced weekly with payment into our bank account in 10 days.

SSAS 16 Audit

We provide an annual SSAS 16 audit in accordance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Cost Of Our System

For a onetime charge of $495/store, we pay retailers the next day the coupon value + 4¢/coupon handling fee for coupons redeemed the day before.
Manufacturer’s total cost for our 3rd party coupon redemption system is 8¢/coupon redeemed.


As we said in the beginning, we have the fastest, easiest to use, money-saving coupon redemption system ever devised. We eliminate the time and expense of shipping coupons to clearinghouses by simply destroying the coupon in the store.

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