Welcome to Our World of Electronic Couponing


We provide a public website for manufacturers to establish a single source of coupons where customers, by using their 10-digit telephone number, can view, select, store and/or print coupons for use at checkout. Participating retailers are given a free link to use customer’s coupon files for their loyalty cards or other digital means of transmitting a customer file of coupons at checkout. Digital coupons are identified in the same manner as paper coupons by using the digital DataBar® already established for that purpose.


We provide a 3rd party Coupon Processing Appliance (CPA) that is installed in each store and connected to the store’s POS system to exchange data for validation of coupons. The POS system provides the CPA the coupons and purchased items for coupon validation. The 3rd party CPA does not use the coupon DataBar for validation, it is only used to identify the coupon. Instead the CPA has a validation file of every digital coupon displayed on the Public Website. The file was obtained when the coupon was originally registered and uploaded to the CPA.


Paper coupons are still 90% of coupon distribution. This statistic will start declining once the single source Public Website becomes popular. In the meantime paper coupons must be accommodated. We redeem paper coupons in the same manner as we do a digital coupon. The DataBar® on the paper coupon is scanned at checkout and is used to validate the paper coupon.

To prevent its reuse the coupon transaction record is held in abeyance until the paper coupon is destroyed by the CPA’s built-in scanner and shredder. We prevent duplication of coupon redemption by enforcing the “one like coupon per purchase event” rule.


The CPA communicates with the POS system to establish an audit trail to provide a proof of purchase record for each coupon redeemed. The Coupon Transaction Record includes the date, the store and the store transaction number for each coupon redeemed.


The digital coupon transactions are downloaded to our Data Center for sorting and payment processing. We provide a daily summary report of their coupons redeemed the previous day for every manufacturer and retailer. From these reports manufacturers pay into a clearing account and retailers are paid out of the clearing account. Money movement is handled by the Wells Fargo Bank.


We charge manufacturers $495 to register a coupon plus 8₵ per coupon redeemed. We charge retailers a onetime charge of $495 per store and pay them the next day face value plus 4₵ of the 8₵ for coupons redeemed the day before.