Cunningham Coupon System

3rd Party Coupon Redemption with Proof of Purchase

Manufacturers register your coupon DataBar with us and we will redeem the coupon and provide proof of purchase for every coupon you pay for. We redeem both paper and digital coupons based on the DataBar of the coupon you provide. Our 3rd party redemption process filters out all counterfeit coupons and duplicate coupons with each purchase event. We validate all coupons at the Item Code Level. Paper coupons are shredded at the store by our Coupon Processor Appliance (CPA) before we release the transaction for payment. The CPA is connected to the store’s Point of Sale (POS) system to exchange data for redemption.

Your cost for our 3rd party coupon redemption system is $50/week for each active coupon plus the 8 cents you currently pay the retailer for shipping and handling. We furnish the CPA and pay the retailer 4 cents for handling the coupon. Our system provides a weekly report of coupons redeemed and clears payments each week with no shipping of coupons or charge backs.

We have the fastest, easiest to use, money-saving coupon redemption system ever devised. We eliminate the time and expense of clearing houses by simply destroying the coupon in the store.