Cunningham Coupon System

A Revolutionary New Coupon Redemption System

The Cunningham Electronics Corporation has created a revolutionary new coupon redemption system that replaces the fraud-ridden system currently in use. We have harnessed the speed and accuracy of the banking world to develop the fastest, easiest to use, money-saving coupon redemption system ever devised. The system has been developed based on the industry approved GS1 Coupon DataBar™ using the banking medium as the vehicle for accuracy, speed and security.

An in-store Coupon Processing Appliance (CPA) which is connected to the store’s point-of-sale system emulates a bank ATM to process coupon transactions. To safeguard against fraudulent coupon redemption the redemption process is based on a positive file of manufacturers’ pre-registered coupons.

The system redeems both paper and paperless coupons. Paper coupon transactions are held in abeyance until the coupon is destroyed at the store by the CPA’s built-in scanner and shredder to prevent re-use. Thus converting paper coupons to a digital format and destroys the paper coupons at the store eliminating the need to ship them. A proof of purchase audit trail is provided for each coupon redeemed. The system will not accept a duplicate coupon and an annual SSAS 16 audit is provided in accordance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The digitally recorded coupon transactions are sent to the Data Center where they are sorted, processed and reported on a daily basis. Retailers are reimbursed the next day for coupons redeemed the day before. The amount is paid directly into their bank account. Manufacturers are invoiced daily with payment deducted from their designated bank account.

In summary the system eliminates the cost of coupon fraud, the time and expense of shipping coupons and the cost of clearinghouses all for the cost to the manufacturer of 6₵/coupon redeemed. An estimated savings of 40% - 50% of current cost. As we said in the beginning, we have the fastest, easiest to use, money-saving coupon redemption system ever devised.

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